Classic Fantasy Art

Rodney Matthews
Michael Fishel
Bob Venosa
Mati Klarwein
Virgil Finlay
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Welcome to Classic Fantasy Art
Home of the best original fantasy and sci-fi art cards for sale on the web.
This unique and astounding collection of fantasy, sci-fi cards (approx. 8.5"x 6") has been in storage for over 20 years, yet their hallucinatory genius, their ghostly, almost incantatory mysteries are at least in most cases as necessary today as when they first joined the assortment of mild treasures long ago. All the artists featured had truly amazing vision, surpassing beauty, they have all at different times stood on a very personal threshold, gifted and solitary, unique and elusive. These cards are especially hard to find in the modern world, populated as it is by unmade beds and embalmed sea creatures...
but not impossible.
The gates to the extreme remain open. Please don't miss the opportunity...again.







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